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Data Destruction provides secure shredding services to the public and private sectors across the Northwest. Our aim is to exceed your expectations of service and security providing an auditable trail and certified destruction of your confidential waste.

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Unit 1 88a Cemetery Road Soutport PR8 5EF

T: 01704 512380


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Hard Drive Destruction Services

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HDD Destruction services

For organisations, businesses and private individuals iData Destruction provides destruction services for Hard disc drives, tapes, cd’s, dvd’s and other recordable media.

We collect, mechanically destroy and then recycle the remains putting your organisations electronically stored data permanently out of the reach of others.




Easy to Set-up

At a time convenient for you we collected and mechanically destroy your HDD or recordable media. Collection containers are provided. We can arrange for the removal of the HDD from the laptop or desktop

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Why use us

Regular Services

For organisation producing regular quantities of confidential paper waste

Other services

Regular Services

One-Time Services

Best for periodic clearouts and archive data purges

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Walk In Services

Ideal for small quantities - we unload, we shred while you watch.

Walk In Services

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 Our secure shredding facility is located at  Unit 1 88a Cemetery Road Southport PR8 5EF.  We are open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

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