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iData Destruction is an ISO 9001 accredited shredding & recycling business providing secure shredding services to the public and private sectors across the Northwest. Our aim is to exceed your expectations of service and security providing an auditable trail and certified destruction of your confidential waste.

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Welcome to iData Destruction, One-Time Shredding by the experts.

One Time Shredding may be all you need

One Time Services may be all you need

Our One Time paper shredding service is best when you need to destroy sensitive information periodically.  

Data Destruction  can provide paper shredding services to you in a secure, convenient and compliant way.

Whether it is just a few boxes or an entire storeroom of confidential documents, we are able to satisfy your organisations shredding needs.

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Collection Containers

We supply a variety of containers to suit your particular requirements.  The container choice is dependant on three factors:

1. How is your waste stored

e.g. filing cabinets, drawers

2. What quantity do you have

e.g. 1 sack or 20,000kg

3. Do you need to sort through your material

e.g. Does some material require retention and other sent for shredding.

For example:

Material stored in cabinets and drawers

Possible Solution:


Wheelie bins

Material stored in archive boxes

Possible solution:

Leave material in boxes


Wheelie Bins



Advantages: Light weight, Portable, Extremely strong, Made from tear resistant woven polypropylene,  Capacity 20kg

If your documents are stored in cabinets, drawers and other containers you may find our sacks a suitable container. They are lightweight, portable and extremely strong. The sacks are made from woven polypropylene, are tear resistant and are sealed with a security tag.

Wheelie Bins

Advantages: Portable, High capacity 100kg, Great for moving between offices, Reduces manual handling concerns

We can provide wheelie bins to assist your shredding project.


Advantages: High load capacity 2-300kg, Ideal for industrial applications

Best suited for  industrial and commercial applications, our stillages can provide large capacity but will require material handling equipment and appropriate loading facilities.